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Call Me Isaiah

Written by Jared Kelner, CALL ME ISAIAH transcends boundaries, navigating mental health with profound depth. Drawing from his expertise in mental health counseling & a rich acting & playwriting background, Kelner intricately weaves therapeutic interventions into the narrative, offering a glimpse into the resilient spirit & intricate complexities of the human mind.

CALL ME ISAIAH is heart-wrenching and enlightening and will engage audiences on emotional and intellectual levels seldom explored in traditional theater.  The play challenges assumptions and confronts societal stigmas around mental health, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and respecting psychological well-being, especially within communities of color.

After the play, audiences are encouraged to participate in a talkback discussion with the playwright and cast.  Don't miss this opportunity to be moved, enlightened, and challenged. This is a powerful evening that promises to linger in your thoughts long after the curtains close.


If you are interested in booking Call Me Isaiah, please send us an email at [email protected]